Collection: Energy Buddha Bracelets

These absolutely beautiful bracelets embody the power of The Buddha and the sophistication of heirloom jewelry.

Buddha has said that there are  tiny units of energy called Kalapas and the count of Kalapas is a spirit moment, a spirit millisecond. This gives an interesting reflection of time and how this energy is totally ready, totally complete in every being, but most people pass through their lives without even knowing of its existence, of these others planes of consciousness. Apply the requisite stimuli and in a moment, they are all there in their completeness.

" All that we are is the result of what we think. The mind is everything. What we think, we become"-Buddha

These bracelets will help you align yourself towards a higher consciousness. When you wear them, you will remind yourself to be calm, be patient, be loving, be understanding, be in the moment and vibrate on a higher level. You will know that you have to focus on positive energy.


Positive energy is contagious, and when you constantly live in a state of positivity, the outer world sees it as well as the inner world benefits. If you learn to fully appreciate this moment, you will see that you have the profound power to manifest abundant feelings within and to create  divinely inspired energy.

Blessed by the monks at The Land of Medicine Buddha, all bracelets are beautifully packaged in custom FSL by Preetibala jewelry pouches for easy storage and gifting.