Collection: Evil Eye Bracelet

The 'Evil Eye' is a curse believed to be cast by negative energy which is usually directed towards an unassuming or unaware person, their families and belongings. It is believed in many cultures across the world that an 'Evil Eye' curse may cause misfortune and bad luck.
While this a globally trending product, the 'Evil Eye' is taken very seriously in cultures across the globe where belief in this curse plays a big part in their daily lives.
From the very dawn of civilization, the human race has always looked for assistance to aid them in life and protect them from the unknown.

The Evil Eye jewelry collection at FSL by Preetibala is blessed by Buddhist monks of the Land of Medicine Buddha, California and adds an extra layer of insulation in your day to day lives.
Handmade in various colors and styles FSL by Preetibala has blended spirituality with fashion and there is one available for every individual taste.

A subtle way of protection from the unknown, wear as jewelry, use as a charm in your homes, offices and vehicles or just carry it in or tied to your handbag. Options are endless.

With this purchase you have called upon your intentions and purpose to lead a shielded and inspired life.