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FSL by Preetibala

Children and Creativity - White Buddha Bagua Pillow

Children and Creativity - White Buddha Bagua Pillow

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The Bagua Map is the ultimate Feng Shui energy map of your space. The positive energy present in every corner of your space will be accentuated by adding the correct colors coordinating to that area.

There are nine Guas in the Bagua and each Gua has a corresponding element, shape and color. Take a look at the Bagua map and decide which area needs to be energized.
By simply introducing the right color element into your space, you can begin to see transformation of energies in that sphere of your life.

FSL by Preetibala brings to you these Buddha Bagua pillows which combine the principles of Feng Shui as well as the serenity of The Buddha. The word Buddha in Sanskrit means 'The Enlightened one'. The Buddhism belief is that morality, meditation and wisdom will lead to the path of enlightenment.

Energize the Bagua of your space with these indoor-outdoor Buddha Bagua Pillows.
By introducing this symbol of Buddha in your desired space, you are inviting abundance, prosperity, good fortune, peace and happiness into your lives.

This area is related to children, completion and joy. Symbolized by the color White, the number seven, circular shapes and the element of the 'yin metal'.

Buy a single or a pair.
Enhance each section of  your space by getting the entire collection.

FSL Buddha Bagua pillows have been designed by Preetibala.
Blessed by the Buddhist monks of The Land of Medicine Buddha, these pillows will bring peace, serenity and prosperity when placed in your space.
Makes a great gift for any occasion.

Cover Only. Printed both sides.
Indoor-Outdoor use.

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